Our Mission

Welcome to Aqua carnival and we hope you are ready for the best cultural experience of your life. We want to bring the carnival experience of Trinidad and Tobago to Baltimore Maryland. We want to give each an every person the greatest carnival experience of there lives. Aqua brings the colors,sounds,food,and beauty of carnival culture to Baltimore. We want to create the atmosphere that carnival bring and that is love and culture.

History about Carnival

The Mas tradition started in the late 18th century with the French plantation owners organizing masquerades(mas) and balls before enduring the fasting of Lent. The slaves , who could not take part in Carnival, formed their own parallel celebration called “Canboulay”. Canboulay ( from the french cannes brulees, meaning brunt cane) is a precursor to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, has played an important role in the development of the music of Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo at of “Pacific Tsunami, King of Carnival ” courtesy of National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago)